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ProUCITS is a UCITS software solution,it handeles various types of investments: securities, receivable account, short-term bonds and monetary investment.

ProFinance have a good experiance of the UCITS software by the depository software that control the UCITS busness. This last product is used by STB from 2010.

What the essentials functionalities of ProUCITS solution?
ProUCITS is composed by too larges moduls: the liabilities management and the asset management, that :

  1. Investment Management: all type of instruments (equity securities, receivable account, short-term treasury Bonds, monetary investments).
  2. Operation on securities: detached rights, conversion rights, assimilations, detached dividends.
  3. Operations on debt securities: coupons attached for interest, coupons attached for principal.
  4. Matching for cash account.
  5. Controlling reglementation ratios.
  6. Allowing an automatic portfolio valuation.
  7. Monitoring subscribers, subscriptions and redemptions.
  8. Setting up yearly management fees for each fund.
  9. Clearing and fully automatic accouting.
  10. Computes exit value for each fund.

  • UCITS Data Invesment Centralization:
    • To facilitate the audit.
    • The decisions are clearer.
    • Minimize human error by minimizing there interventions.
    • Transparency of all investment operation.

  • Alerts Overflow indicators:
    • The payment date.
    • Percentage use of funds by date.
    • Regulatory ratios.

  • Automatic calculation:
    • Amounts repaid.
    • Due dates of repayment of an interest or a managed fund.
    • Dividends to retrieve ...
    • Fixed management expenses or variable.

  • Monitoring of regulatory law.